What Are the Different Styles of Tile Roofs?

by | May 14, 2021 | custom tile roofing, tile roof companies

Tile is one of the most popular roofing materials. Roof tiles are designed to keep the elements out of your home. They are typically hung in parallel rows, with each row overlapping the one below it to cover the nails in them. There are roof tiles for specific positions, such as where the plains of the pitches meet.

Here are the different types of tile roofs commonly installed by tile roof companies in San Ramon.

Structural Clay Roof Tiles

Structural clay tiles, also known as structural terra cotta tiles, hollow tiles, or building tiles, are burned-clay building materials. They are used in fireproofing applications. The material has a substantial depth that allows it to be laid in the same manner as concrete masonry.

Metal Roof Tiles

There are several benefits of metal roof tiles. They are lighter than concrete and clay tiles, easier to install, easier to run than long-run panels, and perform well in extreme weather. The most popular materials used in metal roof tiles are aluminum, zinc, steel, and copper. These tiles are available in a range of patterns and shapes. They can be designed to imitate the appearance of popular roofing products such as wood shake tiles, barrel tiles, and slate tiles.

Slate Roof Tiles

Installing slate roof tiles is a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. Made from 100% natural stone, slate roof tiles have a naturally cleft surface with dramatic color variations. Famed for their durability, slate tile roofs can last 150 years or more.

Slate roof tiles are fireproof and made from natural materials which makes them one of the most environmentally friendly roofing options on the market. Slate roof tiles can be recycled and help reduce energy costs by insulating the home.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Known for its extraordinary durability, concrete is one of the most popular building materials. It is extremely versatile and can be molded in almost any shape.

Concrete tiles usually resemble ceramic tiles, but are available in a range of other styles as well. They can be made to look like clay tiles, wood shakes, and slate tiles. You will need a team of seasoned experts to install concrete roof tiles properly.

Ceramic Roof Tiles

Ceramic roof tiles are made from clay, glass, and sand. Recycled and recyclable materials can also be used for manufacturing ceramic roof tiles. Ceramic roof tiles can help reduce your energy bills by insulating your home during winter and keeping it cool during summer.

Ceramic roof tiles are environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. Another advantage of choosing ceramic roof tiles for your home is that there are several colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

Ceramic tiles are also a great choice for walls, showers and backsplashes in your home. They do not attract dust, which means your home will have less dust and will be easier to clean.

Composite Roof Tiles

The top layer of composite roof tiles consists of acrylic, stone granules, and metal. They are popular among homeowners for their ability to closely mimic the appearance of slate and clay roof tiles, while providing the advantages of metal roofs.

Composite tiles weigh less than stone and concrete. They offer custom color mixes for almost any pattern.

Solar Roof Tiles

There are several advantages of going solar. Going solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. The sun is an infinite source of energy. Solar energy is sustainable and inexhaustible and does not pollute the environment.

Also known as solar shingles, solar roof tiles are not installed on existing roofs with racking systems and are a part of the roof instead. Use enough shingles and your solar roof can make a dent in your electricity bill.

Solar roof tiles are costlier than many other popular roofing options. You will need a team of experts to install, maintain and repair your solar roof.

Polymeric Roof Tiles

Polymeric roof tiles, or polymer-sand, roof tiles are made from a combination of sand and polymers. Polymeric roof tiles are durable, fire resistant and designed to perform in different weather conditions. They are also lighter in weight than stone and concrete tiles.

They closely mimic the appearance of ceramic tiles, but are not as prone to breakage. Polymeric roof tiles need fewer repairs than many other popular roofing types. If installed properly, a polymeric roof tile can last 50 years or more.

Currently, terracotta is the only available color option. As more manufacturers start manufacturing these tiles, color options are likely to increase.

Pantile Roof Tiles

Pantile roof tiles are usually made from clay. These tiles are lightweight, and can be up to a third lighter than traditional tiles. Pantile roof tiles are S-shaped in appearance and are known for their aesthetic appeal.

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