There many several benefits to tile roofs. They are famed for their timeless charm, noise-cancellation properties, durability, versatility, and energy efficiency. Whether you want to have a new tile roof installed or an existing one maintained, hire a reputable roofing contractor. An experienced tile roofer has acquired a plethora of specialized knowledge and know how to properly install and maintain these roofs.

Unfortunately, all tile roofing contractors near you are not created equal, which is why you cannot take everything a contractor claims at face value. When you are choosing a reliable contractor, many contractors may approach you and claim that they have the skills and experience required to deliver results. However, instead of just taking their word for it, assess their experience and expertise and then decide based on your assessment.

Follow these tips to assess the capabilities of a tile roofing contractor.

Conduct Online Research

The Internet is a goldmine of information. Why not use it to find information on the tile roofing contractors you are considering? Check out their social media profiles to see what people are talking about them. Check contractors’ ratings with the BBB. Visit trusted, third-party review sites to read reviews left by their customers. Go to the websites of local contractors and evaluate their portfolios to determine if they are equipped to manage your roofing project. This way, you can feel good that the contractor you are considering has a track record of quality work.

Look For Certifications

Check if the tile roofing contractor you are considering is a member of an industry body or is certified by an industry association to repair, maintain, and install tile roofs. To earn their certification from an industry body, a tile roofing contractor must demonstrate their expertise. Certified contractors are required to commit to lifelong learning to maintain their certification.

Talk to Contractors’ References

Ask the contractor you are considering to provide a list of references. Call the contractor’s references to discuss their experience of working with the professional.

Here are some questions to ask a tile roofing contractor’s references.

  • Did the contractor finish the work on time and stay on budget?
  • Were you provided with a detailed estimate?
  • Were there any unexpected surprises? How did the contractor manage them?
  • Was the job site kept clean?
  • Did the contractor use subcontractors? If yes, how did they ensure everyone was on the same page?
  • Will you hire them in the future?

Interview Contractors

Once you have shortlisted contractors, call their offices to schedule an interview. Here are some questions to ask a tile roofing contractor in an interview.

  • Do you provide workmanship warranties?
  • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • What training and experience do your roofing technicians have?
  • How do you minimize disruptions and protect your customers’ properties from roof debris?

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