Tips to Extend the Life of Your Concrete Tile Roof

by | Mar 13, 2020 | custom tile roofing

Your roof protects you and other residents from the elements and helps maintain the livability of your home. Concrete tiles are one of the most popular residential roofing materials used around the world. From low maintenance to superior resistance to weathering, there are many benefits of concrete tiles. To get these benefits, you have to be careful when installing, maintaining, and repairing your roof. Here are some tips to ensure your concrete tile roof serves its purpose and lasts for years to come.

Keep Your Roof Clean

When it comes to getting the most out of your roof, the importance of keeping it clean year-round cannot be emphasized enough. Roofs accumulate leaves and other materials that can block the flow of water off of your roof. This can, uncommonly, create ideal conditions for fungal growth. An unclean and unkempt roof can potentially lead to serious structural issues that can shorten its service life.

To prevent this from happening, ask your roofing expert to clean your roof at least once every year. Make sure a layer of a fungicide is applied to the surface of the roof after every wash to enhance its durability and resistance to fungus growth.

Perform Regular Repair

Your roof takes a lot of punishment on a daily basis. A sudden change in weather can damage the tiles of your roofing system. You know you have a recipe for disaster when your tiles start breaking. Water can seep into the lower parts of your house through gaps created by broken tiles causing serious structural damage. To steer clear of expensive repairs, hire a Contra Costa tile roof repair company for regular repairs and maintenance.

Steer Clear of Common Installation Mistakes

The way your concrete tile roof is installed will have a major impact on its performance and longevity. During installation, tiles must be overlapped properly as this will help minimize rain damage.

Have Your Roof Tiles Repointed

Natural wear and tear cause pointing to deteriorate. Roof tiles should be repointed every 10 years. Repointing involves repairing damaged mortar to prevent moisture from entering into the home.

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