A concrete tile roof is made up of various components that are responsible for staying together and protecting the overall structure from external elements like dust, water, and snow. Therefore, it is advised to always go for the well-known and reputed tile roof companies in San Ramon that have experience in building A-Class, fire tested, impact and hail resistant, freeze-thaw and hurricane zone rated tile roof. It is essential that all the layers in the tile roof are properly installed.

Let’s have a look at the layers included in tile roofing:

1. Framing – This is basically a structural framework made up of wood trusses. The main purpose behind its designing is to complete the space over a room, and support and manage the weight of the various layers of material that will be used to build the roof.

2. Roof Deck – This is generally manufactured from plywood sheets and is placed upon the trusses of the roof.

3. Edge Flashing – This layer consists of high-quality metal sheets installed in order to protect the roof from severe cases of water penetration.

4. Underlayment – It is basically a membrane used to shed excess water off the roof system. It is made up of fiberglass paper which is used to cover the whole roof deck. This will also prevent any water passage in the roof system.

5. Ventilation – Ventilation points are located at selected places in order to give passage to the airflow, and for moisture control inside the house. These are attic vents that basically help in keeping the roof warm and moisture-free.

6. Flashing – This is a water-resistant material that is used to make the roof waterproof and prevent water from penetrating into the roof systems. Flashing plays a vital role in directing the water away before it seeps inside.

7. Bird Stop – Bird stops are installed in order to prevent birds or any other wildlife species to enter inside the house. It is done by blocking all the openings to prevent any sort of infestation along with giving an appropriate rise to the first tile row.

8. Concrete Roof – This is the uppermost layers in the tile roofing. It is made up of cement, sand, and water in an interlocking manner. This is the strongest layer and tends to get stronger with age.

These were the different layers installed in a tile roofing system. Utmost care is required while installing each of the layers in the roof as any carelessness can lead to significant issues like water leakage or cracks on the ceiling. If you are in need of professional and experienced tile roofing services, call Roof Tile Custom Specialists, Inc. at (925) 634-8700.