Your roofing system protects your home from the elements and helps maintain comfortable internal temperatures. Like everything else, roofs have an expected service life. If your roof is on its last legs or is damaged beyond repair, it makes sense to replace it.

Roof replacement is a major decision. When their roof develops a problem, many homeowners struggle to decide if they should repair or replace their roof. At Roof Tile Custom Specialists, we have years of experience installing, maintaining, and replacing roofs. We consider different factors when deciding if a failing roof needs to be repaired or should be replaced.

To help homeowners make informed decisions, we answer some of the most common questions we get about roof replacement.

How Do I Know If I Need a New Roof?

Here are some signs roof replacement is in order:

    • Broken/Cracked Tiles: Broken or cracked tiles can occur when moisture in the attic pushes nails out of their place or weather damage. Broken or cracked tiles are unable to prevent moisture damage. This can result in compromised performance
    • Algae growth: Algae can grow on roofs that are not cleaned regularly or properly. Algae can eat through tiles if not removed in a timely manner. Cool roofs are highly susceptible to algae issues.
    • Mold in the attic: Mold can spread through your roof and cause damage to different areas of your home. Before mold gains a foothold in your home, replace your roof

Should I Replace Just My Tiles or the Entire Roof?

Your roofing system consists of more than just a layer of tiles. We recommend replacing your entire roofing system instead of just tiles if the damage is too far gone.

Make sure your new roofing system has leak barrier protection that prevents water from entering the vulnerable areas of the roof such as the chimneys and valleys. Look for a replacement that has an extra layer of protection against roof rot.

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

There are a variety of factors that can affect the cost to replace a roof are the size and shape of the roof and the type of materials used. Be sure to also consider the cost of removing the old roof. Many roofing companies charge by sq. ft., which means the larger your roof, the more you may end up paying.

What Are Some Benefits of Roof Replacement?

A new roof is a worthwhile investment. It can increase home value and boost curb appeal. A roof that utilizes high-quality roofing materials can last a lifetime. It can help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round, transforming your ordinary home into an energy-efficient home.

What is the Best Time to Replace a Roof?

Many homeowners replace their roofs in fall or spring due to the favorable weather conditions. Summer is a busy season for roofing contractors, which means a long wait time. If you decide to replace your roof in summer, your contractor may quote a higher price than normal.

Can I Replace My Roof in Winter?

Many contractors advise homeowners against replacing their roof in winter due to bad weather conditions. Ice can make roofs extremely slippery and someone on the contractor’s team may slip and get injured while trying to climb the roof. However, since Antioch does not get snow, it might make sense to replace your roof in winter. Winter is a slow season for roofing contractors and you might be able to find a company able to pick up your project quickly.

What is Included in a Roof Replacement?

The first step involves tearing off the old roof. Next, your contractor will check any pipeline or chimney to determine if they need repairs. The professional will install the new roof and inspect it.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof?

The roof of a 3,000 sq. ft. home can be replaced in a day unless there are complications. A contractor may need 3-5 days to replace a large roof. Some factors that determine how long it takes to replace a roof include:

    • Its design – Roofs that are cut up with a greater number of facets at different angles and a steep pitch take longer to replace
    • Roof accessibility – If the parts of your roof are easily accessible and weather remains clear, your contractor should be able to replace it in a day. Your roof may be hard to access if there are rows of bushes around your house, you have a fence installed, or there is no paved surface near the point that you use to access the roof
    • The weather on the day of replacement – If it rains, your contractor may choose another day for replacement
    • Time of year – When days are longer, roofing contractors can work long hours and might be able to finish even a complex project in a day

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