Buying a house is an important life decision. One of the most important things to check when buying a home is its roofing system. A sturdy and sustainable roof will not just add value to your house, but also protect the residents from the elements.

Look for a home with a clay roof tile. From superior longevity to unparalleled weather-resistance, there are several benefits of clay roof tiles. Made of earth, fire, and water, clay roof tiles are among the most sustainable roofing products on the market.

However, not every clay roof tile is made equal. Some roofs may have structural or other defects. To ensure you get the best value for your money, remember to ask these questions when buying a house with a clay roof tile.

What Is the Grade of Tiles Used?

Clay tiles are produced in different grades. Each grade provides a different level of resistance to weather-related issues. Make sure the tiles of your roof are graded to withstand the most severe weather events your area can experience.

Generally, tile roofs are fairly resistant to water damage. However, a factor to consider is what time of year the tiles were installed. If water is able to get under the tiles during installation it opens the door to potential access routes for water post-installation by damaging the underlayment. Though the tiles will remain intact and resistant, water may be able to navigate through the underlayment itself. Experienced tile roof installers will know to be mindful of this potential issue and ensure that moisture is not present during the initial placement of tiles.

Was the Home Renovated Recently?

If yes, does the renovator specialize in clay tiles? Installing and renovating a clay roof tile is not your average home improvement job. These tasks require a high degree of precision and should only be handled by experienced contractors.

When checking the roofing, make sure that:

1) The right materials (appropriate for the local climate) have been used

2) The underlayment is installed accurately

3) The drip edge flashing and gutters are of exceptional quality and can match the long lifespan of the roof

4) The roof is installed correctly. Fasteners should provide excellent corrosion resistance

When Was the Roof Installed?

A common question that comes to the mind of an average homeowner when buying a house is how much will home maintenance cost? Knowing the age of your roof will help you anticipate your annual maintenance cost and estimate the amount you need to spend on tile roof repair in San Ramon.

Clay and concrete tiles actually strengthen over time as they are exposed to the heat and sun. With that said, if the roof is 70 years or older, you may want to consider having it replaced. Find out whether the current owner has kept with maintenance.

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