Is your roof damaged or approaching the end of its service life? Consider replacing it. A new roof will not only transform your home into the jewel of the neighborhood but also add value to your property. Studies show that a new roof can drastically improve the value of a home. Here are some other benefits of a new roof installation according to tile roof companies in Contra Costa.

Energy Efficiency

As roofs age, their ability to trap heat declines. If you have an old roof, it will allow heat to escape your home in winter, resulting in higher heating costs. A new, properly installed roof will protect you from the elements and make your home more energy efficient.

Consider these characteristics when buying an energy-efficient roof.

1) Solar Reflection: Your roof should be capable of reflecting sunlight away from your home. A roof with high solar reflection can lower the surface temperature by up to 30 percent.

2) Energy Star Rating: A cool roof can reduce the need for air conditioning. Look for a roof built using tiles with an Energy Star rating as they can lower a roof’s surface temperature.

3) Roof Ventilation: If your roof is not properly ventilated, hot air will become trapped inside your attic, causing your home temperature to increase. As a result, your cooling system will have to put in more effort. To prevent this from happening, ensure your roof is properly ventilated.

Enhanced Safety

An old roof can pose a fire threat and other safety risks. Old roofs have a more difficult time preventing water from entering the homes. Water leaking into your home is a perfect recipe for disaster. Water can cause damage to the property. Even a minor leak can lead to mold growth. An old roof can collapse under its own weight.

If your roof is nearing the end of its service life or you notice warning signs such as missing tiles or daylight through the roof boards, you must seriously consider replacing it.

Boosts Curb Appeal

A new roof can make a world of difference when it comes to the curb appeal of your home. Realtors estimate that a decent amount of a home’s curb appeal is linked to its roof. With this in mind, choose a color that can pull together other design elements of the exterior of your home. Look for the right pattern and roof style that blend with the landscaping of your home.

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