It’s likely that at some point, you will have a cracked or broken roof tile that needs to be repaired. In some cases, you may not be able to contact a tile roof expert in Alamo to help conduct the repair.

To determine if there’s a leak, you can stroll around your home and look for any stains or marks on the ceiling or running down the walls. If the leak is severe enough, water may occasionally enter via the ceiling, a skylight, or even a vent. As soon as you locate the leak place or areas, you should take immediate action because waiting could result in greater damage. This is when it makes the most sense to urgently schedule an appointment for an expert to repair your tile roof.

How to Know If It is Broken:

After a storm or period of heavy rain, it’s critical to inspect your roof for damage. The easiest ways to achieve this are to either look at it through binoculars from the ground or enter a room with no artificial lighting and search for rays of light coming through the ceiling.

However, you can also be on the lookout for dampness caused by a leaking roof more broadly. Water stains on inside walls and ceilings will be the most noticeable. These are frequently ringed with brown, and if the staining is left untreated it could result in mold or mildew.

How to Temporarily Fix A Broken Tile:

There are numerous approaches to fixing it:

  • Cover the damaged area with a tarp:

While you wait for your roof repairs to be completed, you may hire a trained contractor or even a handyman to cover the damaged area on your roof with a tarp. In the event of rain, a tarp will shield your roof from any infiltration of water. You must hire a professional to install this because if it is not done correctly, there is a danger that the tarp could come loose and possibly cause more problems by tugging on other roof tiles.

  • Use silicone:

Depending on the material and degree of damage, you might just need to apply a little amount of silicone to patch up the leak location. If a tile on your roof is broken, you can temporarily mend it with silicone.

In an emergency, a correctly done silicone repair can work as a temporary fix for this issue. The majority of ineffective roof tile repairs involve not removing the broken tile. This means that while the obvious breach is patched with silicone, the crucial drainage course that is tucked beneath the lap is left damaged and unsealed. This indicates that although the roof tile leaks less frequently, it still does.

  • Change the tile or tiles that are broken:

A reasonably easy technique to address a leak is to replace a chipped or damaged tile. We advise keeping about 5 extra tiles on hand in case a tile breaks and needs to be replaced right away. In these situations, its best to avail the help of an expert tile roofer near you, like Roof Tile Custom Specialists.

As these are temporary fixes, you shouldn’t stop at mending your roof temporarily. When was the last time your roof had maintenance? When was the last time you made a purchase to safeguard your home from water damage?

You should be aware that maintaining your roof is necessary! Every 15 years, you should consider having your tile roof completely maintained or restored. This does not imply that you should shell out a fortune to get it painted, etc. As long as you are having the work done by a dependable roofing expert, simple maintenance will be enough! For any cracked flashing or skylight soaker trays, re-pointing or re-bedding, corroded valley replacements, or broken tiles, they should offer a price.

Roof Tile Custom Specialists is a reputable tile roof repair company serving Alamo. Whether you want to install a new roof or maintain or replace an existing one, we have got you covered. To make an appointment, call (925) 329-3970.