Roofing issues become noticeable with roof leaks and other common signs like water stains extending across the ceiling or running down the walls. Although minor roofing problems can be easily repaired by yourself, major roofing repairs must be done by qualified and professional roofers, or else the minor problems could end up turning into major issues, and it will ultimately increase the repairing costs. You can consider hiring San Ramon tile roof repair services in order to fix leaks and other roofing problems effectively. Further discussed are few necessary steps through which you can fix your tile roof leaks in an effective and proficient manner.

Inspecting the Roof

The process of fixing leaks on tile roofs starts with examining of roof tiles. You must inspect the roof tiles thoroughly in order to find out the damage level as well as the number of tiles that need to be replaced. Although you may spot the damaged tiles from the ground, it is imperative for you to perform a proper roof inspection and examine the tiles closely in order to make sure that you do not miss any damaged tiles.

Gathering Equipment

After determining the actual number of tiles for replacement, all that you need to do is to collect all necessary tools and equipment that you may require to do this job. Also, don’t forget to get the right shoes because it will prevent you from slipping or breaking more tiles.

Removing the Damaged Tiles

You can use a ladder to make your way to the leaking roof. If there is a need to replace multiple tiles, you can start at one end, and work your way across the damaged area. It is imperative that you choose the right tile to be removed first, and you can use a crowbar to lift the roof tile carefully. You can lift the roof tile to one side with the crowbar and slide it out from the other side.

Replacing the Tiles

In order to replace the damaged roof tiles, you can use the crowbar to give plenty of space to adjust the holdings. It will make it easier for you to slide the new tile in place. If the fitting is appropriate, you can hold the raised tile, and slide out the crowbar gently while avoiding any scratches on the tiles.

Roofing repair is something that people don’t know how to do, and if it is the same case with you, you can consult Roof Tile Custom Specialists, Inc., one of the top-rated roofing contractors to help you with all kinds of roofing issues. You can call us at 925 634-8700 to get in touch with our team of expert roofing professionals.