Why Your Home Needs a Fireproof Roof

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Roofing Contractor, tile roof companies

Your roof protects your home from the outside elements and helps to keep the internal temperature consistent. That it’s important to hire a professional tile roof company to secure the quality of your roof.

However, many homeowners neglect the significance of ensuring that they have a fireproof roof. You need to make smart choices by ensuring that your home ha a fireproof roof and protective measures.

Read on to learn why tile roof companies in San Ramon suggest that clients fully explore their roofing material options to decide what will best suit their needs.

Why is fire protection an immediate issue?

Your roof is a wide-open space, likely with a few antennas. The structure exists well above the earth’s surface. Depending on where you live, wildfires are a genuine risk.

Other possibilities for fires to be mindful of, particularly during the summer, are as follows:

  • Fireworks
  • Chimney sparks
  • Lightning strikes
  • Bonfires 
  • Sparks from nearby house fires

Features of Fireproof Roof

Fireproof roof materials and fire-resistant materials can be used interchangeably to explain how slowly a substance burns. All products are classified according to their relative fire tolerance, including those used for roofing.

Using such a classification system lets customers conveniently judge the safety of all available fireproof roof products and make the best decision for their home.

Generally, rating tests focus on the three following features:

  • The level at which the fume penetrates the underlying attic via the external roof material
  • The nature of flames scattering across the surface of the roof 
  • The degree to which embers form on the roof material 

There are three classes when it comes to classifying fireproof materials:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C 

Let’s dive into them in detail.

Class A Rating

It is the highest-ranking that any fireproof roof can receive. As you can assume, these materials are typically the least flammable.

  • Even if flames strike your roof with class A material, the fire is likely to have a difficult time spreading
  • It will tolerate a brand measuring one square foot
  • These materials last 2 to 4 hours before igniting, and they avoid igniting unless put under extreme duress

Class B Rating

Materials in class B were powerful against moderate surface burning.

  • The fire has a high likelihood to not spread
  • It will tolerate a brand measuring six square inches
  • This material lasts an hour before igniting and avoids igniting unless put under serious duress

Class C Rating

Class C products sometimes get exposed to additional risk for their low flame-resistant properties. Roofs made of such class materials are effective against light surface fire.

  • The fire has a moderate likelihood to not spread
  • It will tolerate a brand measuring one and a half square inches
  • Lasts 20 minutes before igniting and avoid ignition unless put under moderate duress

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