Roofs develop leaks over time. There are various sources of roof leaks, ranging from lack of maintenance to improper installation or structural damage. Even a seemingly minor and innocuous leak can lead to big problems. One of the most serious consequences of a leaky roof is mold growth which can pose a serious health concern.

Read on to learn some of the signs that you have a mold issue and should call a tile roof company for repairs immediately.

Signs You Have a Mold Problem

Some common signs of mold on the ceiling from a leaky roof are: discoloration, a musty odor, and patches on the ceiling.

Cleaning mold won’t address the underlying problem – your leaky roof, which is why it makes sense to hire a tile roof company in Walnut Creek for roof repair. If you ignore the problem, things will go downhill as leaks worsen with time.

Hire a Roofing Company Immediately

Mold is a recipe for disaster as it spreads like wildfire. If you wait too long to reach out for help, you may end up with a full-blown infestation. Here are some ways mold can affect your home and your health.

Mold Can Cause a Variety of Health Issues

Several studies have linked mold to serious health issues, including stuffy nose, and red or itchy eyes and skin. Mold spores can also irritate the throat and lungs even if you are not allergic to mold. Mold can cause asthma attacks in people with allergies.

Long-term exposure to mold has been linked to more serious, long-term effects such as trouble in concentrating, and confusion and memory loss. In some cases, mold exposure contributes to depression and anxiety.

Some studies have found that mold can cause hair loss, weight gain, light sensitivity, muscle cramps, and numbness in the extremities in people who have been ingesting mold spores for a long time.

Mold is Unsightly

Mold is often black and can create black, ugly stains on your roof. These stains can make your home seem neglected. If you wait too long to remove mold, it will spread to other parts of your home. The longer you wait, the more you will end up spending on mold remediation and roof repair.

Mold is Stubborn

Mold is persistent. If you ignore the problem, mold will become entrenched on your roof. The more entrenched mold becomes, the more it will be difficult to control. The sooner you deal with the problem, the better. Contact a professional tile roofer immediately after you notice mold growing on your ceiling to fix the problem at its source.

Mold Can Cause Serious Structural Damage

Sometimes, mold eats through building materials causing serious structural damage. It can be a harbinger of dry rot that can swiftly degrade wood fibers, promoting wood rot.

Mold can penetrate roofing materials and damage the area below your ceramic tiles. It can spread quickly onto adjacent structures. Timely action will prevent serious damage.

Mold Attracts Rodents and Other Pests

Some types of mold are a source of nutrition for bugs. Many insects, including booklice, feed on mold and decomposing matter, while many other bugs are attracted to the organic matter that mold helps break down.

Some bugs, including termites, are attracted by the smell of mold. Mold and termites have a mutually beneficial relationship. Mold breaks down wood, making it easier for termites to tunnel. Termites return the favor by helping create conditions for mold to grow deeper into wood by eating it.

What Can You Do About It?

Move swiftly to address the problem. If you wait too long to hire an expert, mold will continue to feed on rotting wood, and you might need to replace your roof. If you notice mold on your ceiling from a roof leak, take these steps to prevent serious damage.

Assess the Damage

Mold can grow in any area with water damage. It can get in your floorboards, ceiling boards, insulation and drywall. Before you know, a mold colony can grow.

Do a thorough inspection of your roof. To avoid exposure to mold, wear protective gear, including eyeglasses, gloves and face mask, while inspecting your roof.

Check your attic for mold growth. If mold has just started to set in, dry any materials within 24-48 hours exposed to moisture.

Tip: Do Not Handle Mold Yourself – Mold remediation is best left to experts. If you decide to take the DIY route, you may make a mistake while handling mold and it can spread to different parts. You can miss mold hiding in difficult-to-reach areas, a mold remediation expert won’t.

Hire a Professional for Roof Repair

The sooner you hire a roofing contractor, the better. Timely intervention can help prevent permanent damage and prevent serious damage. Your roofing contractor will perform a visual inspection and may even conduct some tests to locate the source of the leak. After they get to the root cause of the problem, they will come up with an action plan.

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