Roof Tile Custom Specialists provides professional custom tile roofing and roof repair services in Contra Costa and Alamo. The first of our series on tiles, roofing, and installation answered questions related to maintenance, climate, and warranties. This post answers other frequently asked questions regarding tiles and roof repair.

  • Can I install my own tile roof?

Tile roofs require extensive knowledge of how to handle individual tiles as well as how to attach them. With over 95% of all tile roofs professionally installed, it is a good idea to let professionals in Contra Costa or Alamo do the job.

  • What do I need to know about maintenance?

A clay tile roof should be checked every two or three years for damage but, other than that, requires minimal maintenance. You should still have your roof inspected every two or three years, even if it is made of tile. An inspection will identify any cracks in the tile or other damage allowing you to fix small problems as they appear. Tile roofs require very little maintenance and have a longer lifespan. While it is important to replace damaged tiles as needed, a tile roof is more resilient than an asphalt roof.

  • Will the structure of my house support a tile roof?

Most homes in Contra Costa and Alamo can sustain the weight of a tile roof because it is distributed over the entire area of the home. Your clay tiles are capable of supporting your weight, but you should avoid walking on your tile roof.

  • Are tile roofs fireproof?

While a home itself is not fireproof, roofing tiles made of concrete are not flammable. If the tiles receive a Grade A rating, they are considered to be the safest.

  • What should I know about tile roofs and climate change?

A ’snow system’ prevents large sections of snow from sliding off the edge of a roof. It controls how the snow melts so that it doesn’t shift and cause damage to the tiles or other roof structures. Most clay tiles are manufactured to withstand hail that is smaller than two inches in diameter.

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