Roof Tile Custom Specialists provides professional custom tile roofing in San Ramon. We recognize that customers often have a number of common questions related to tiles, roofing, and installation. This, the first of a two-part series, lists answers to some of the most frequent questions regarding tiles.

  • Are there benefits to using clay tiles?

Custom tile roofing and installation is popular in San Ramon precisely because a lot of people recognize the benefits that include an increase in home value, fewer maintenance-related issues, and increased longevity.

  • Can clay tiles be used in cooler climates?

It is a common misconception that clay tiles are for warm climates alone. In fact, they can be used in cooler climates too, if you choose tiles that are rated ASTM Grade 1. Tile roofs can be used in cooler climates if they are high quality and rated for specific temperatures.

  • What is the lifespan of a clay tile roof?

Many tile roofs have been known to last between 50 and 75 years, provided they are made with high-quality material.

  • Is the roof required to have a minimum slope if tiles are used?

If you are using clay tiles, you will have to talk to a professional about minimum pitch or slope. The area you live in and the amount of snow you get each year will determine the amount of slope that is needed.

  • What type of warranty do clay tiles have?

The warranty of your clay tiles will depend on who installs them. If you have a professional roofer who knows the proper technique for installing clay tiles, your warranty from the manufacturer will be intact. It is important to find out more about warranties as well as maintenance-related issues well in advance, by speaking to a company qualified to offer custom tile roofing or roof installation in San Ramon.

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