Building a house is an exciting process, and it is essential to consider the style of roof for your new home carefully. Homeowners have a wide variety of roof styles to choose from, and experienced tile roof companies in San Ramon can help you pick the perfect style roof for your home. Here are the four most popular styles to consider before you make a final decision.

  • Gabled Roof

A gabled roof is one of the most common types of roofs, as these roofs quickly shed water due to its triangular shape. These pitched roofs also provide plenty of attic space for AC units. Gabled roofs are also much more affordable than other roof types. However, gabled roofs are not as wind resistant as other styles.

  • Flat Roof

A flat roof is widely popular and only uses a minimal amount of slope for rain runoff. Typically, a flat roof is used more in commercial settings than for residential homes. It is much easier to construct, as it requires much fewer materials compared to other roof styles. The main drawback of a flat roof is that it is more likely to leak if you experience heavy rain.

  • Pyramid Roof

A pyramid roof is highly wind resistant due to the pyramid shape. You will also gain much more attic space, which offers more storage options and room for ventilation. The main drawback of a pyramid roof is the initial costs due to the elaborate setup and installation. These roofs are also more difficult to maintain and clean compared to other styles.

  • Skillion Roof

A skillion roof is an angled flat roof that is designed with a single steep slope for snow and water run-off. This simple design is very affordable and is an excellent option for areas that experience extensive amounts of snow or rain. However, these roofs are more susceptible to high winds.

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