The number of homeowner and condominium associations is on the rise in California, thanks to the construction boom that is taking place across the state. Also, many homeowners prefer hiring contractors who have the right insurance, as it is mandated by their HOA. That is one of the main reasons that Roof Tile Custom Specialists, Inc. is one of the preferred tile roof installation contractors in San Ramon.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When we serve our customers, we ensure they get a copy of our workers’ compensation policy, so that they know that we take care of our workers who repair, fix, and install your roof. This gives individual homeowners and the associations assurance that we will not hold them liable should our workers sustain injuries while fixing or installing the roof of individual units.

The workers’ compensation insurance protects homeowners, contractors, and housing associations from potential lawsuits should an injured worker file a claim. The insurance is mandatory in California; and helps the contractor cover an injured employee’s medical expenses, costs of rehabilitation, if required, and a percentage of their pay. It also covers employees should they sustain a major or fatal injury while they are on the job.

At Roof Tile Custom Specialists, we take pride in complying with the state law. Our compliance is valid, and available for customers who want to see it. We would be more than happy to furnish you a copy of our workers’ compensation.

Going Beyond Compliance

While workers’ compensation is mandatory in California for building contractors, general liability insurance is not. However, we view this as a necessity as it protects us, the contractor, from liability claims from homeowners and housing associations should any damage occur while we are executing a roofing project.

Previously, homeowners and homeowner associations did not mind if a contractor did not have general liability insurance. However, this proved to be counterproductive as damages by the contractor during a project were not compensated. Hence, more and more homeowners and housing associations now hire contractors only if they have general liability insurance even though it is not a requirement in California.

Keeping Our Customers Safe

We provide homeowners and associations with a copy of the certificate of general liability insurance. So, if any physical or bodily damage occurs on account of our work, we make sure that homeowners and HOAs are not sued. It is quite common for such incidents to occur, and our insurance cover takes care of legitimate claimants.

So, the next time you are looking for a roofing specialist who has your best interests at heart while offering you superior quality roof repair and installation in Contra Costa, California, call Roof Tile Custom Specialists. We are a full-service tile roofing contractor and you can call us at 925-634-8700 or fill out the form provided below to request an appointment with our team of experts.