Choosing the perfect color shade and texture for your tile roofing is a crucial task as it can be a one-time investment for most homeowners. Considering the wide range of color and texture options available, selecting through the right ones can be difficult. You can start the process by choosing a tile pattern that you believe will very well complement your current home décor.  For example, if your home is designed with a Spanish or Mediterranean touch, try to select the colors and texture working in contrast with them. Here are some color combinations offered by the San Ramon tile roof repair center:

1. Terracotta Roof Tiles – Terracotta is one of the most popular tile roof colors. It is basically a waterproof ceramic and baked clay tile. The natural brown-red color is derived from the high amount of iron oxide present in the clay. This color has been a part of architecture since ancient times.

2. Clay Roof Tiles – Clay roof tiles are the soil-colored tiles which are composed of pure clay. Moreover, you can give an attractive personal touch to your roof by opting from the shades like clay red, pink, light beige, moss green, tobacco, green blend, brown blend, tan and burgundy blend colors, etc.

3. Glazed Tile Colors – This is the latest addition in this category, and quite popular among homeowners who look for something unique. Glazed tiles can give a mirror-like and shiny effect on your roof. You can choose from color shades like yellow, white, golden, red, orange, speckled charcoal and green, etc.

4. Concrete Roof Tiles – If you like your roofs to be natural and beautiful at the same time, concrete roof tiles are the perfect choice for you. These are natural concrete tiles that change colors due to external factors like weather conditions and aging. You can also go for some different color pigments that can be mixed using a concrete mixer and can be applied on the roof tiles.

Before moving ahead with the color selection, it is essential to have a good understanding of the different colors and their temperament. For example, darker shades have a hot nature, and lighter shades have a cool nature. If you are residing in heated areas that are hot and humid, you should go for light-colored roof tiles that can keep your home cool, and vice-versa. For more information on expert tile roofing services, call Roof Tile Custom Specialists, Inc. on (925) 634-8700!