Roofing is an integral part of a home. Your roofing system plays a major role in maintaining the comfort and livability of your home by creating a barrier between it and the elements. Roofing systems have come a long way. Today, roofs are manufactured to be stronger, more functional, and more aesthetically appealing. Though there are several different types of roofing systems available today, tile roofs and shingle roofs are still the preferred choice of homeowners around the world.

From durability to aesthetics, both tile and shingle roofs tick all the right boxes. Many homeowners are unable to distinguish between tile roofs and shingle roofs. Though tile and shingle roofs are often similarly applied and may even exhibit similar traits, there are some subtle differences between them.

Asphalt shingle roofs are usually made from a base layer of cellulose fiber or glass fiber which is then saturated with asphalt. This is then surfaced by mineral granules (usually coated in ceramic). On the other hand, Tile roofs generally utilize organic materials which are shaped and fired in a kiln.

Tiles vs. Shingles: Why Tile Roofs Are Superior

Here are some reasons why tile roof companies in Contra Costa prefer tile roofs to shingles.

Durability: While shingle roofs have an average lifespan of 20 years, tile roofs can last up to 50 years. A gust of wind and bad weather can knock off shingles while tiles, on the other hand, are more durable and can take some serious punishment. When properly installed and maintained, tile roofs get better with time becoming lifetime roofs.

Versatility: Tiles are much more versatile than shingles. Tile roofs come in different colors, design patterns, and shapes. For this reason, creating a personalized look for a home is easier with tile than shingle.

Environmental Concerns: Though shingles can be made from different materials, they have an asphalt base. Asphalt is derived from petroleum, so shingles cannot be considered sustainable. Tiles, on the other hand, can be made from sustainable materials such as clay. Additionally, they last longer than shingles and are less likely to end up in a landfill sooner. Many materials used in tiles can be recycled.

Long-Term Value: Tile roofs are more durable and last longer than shingles; and hence, they hold their value better.

Ease of Repair: Tile roofs are technically a kind of ceramic and are easier to repair with grout or putty than shingle roofs.

One of the major factors that will determine the longevity and effectiveness of your tile roofing system is the way it is installed. Our roofing experts at Roof Tile Custom Specialists, Inc. know a thing or two about roofing. We have been working tirelessly for more than 4 decades, delivering value to our customers. We are your one-stop shop for roofing needs in Contra Costa. To talk to one of our roofing experts, call us at (925) 634-8700.