In the average U.S. home, heating and cooling accounts for more than 50 percent of the energy usage. Your roofing has a significant impact on your home’s temperature. If high energy bills are giving you sleepless nights and your roof is old or damaged beyond repair, consider replacing it with a new tile roof from an expert tile roof company in Walnut Creek.

What Makes Tile Roofs Energy-Efficient?

Tile roofs help maintain a comfortable home temperature. During summer, tile roofing helps keep your house cool, which means your AC won’t have to work as hard on hot summer days.

Here are several ways in which tile roofing can help keep your home cool.

Thermal emittance: Thermal emittance is a material’s capability to reemit the previously absorbed heat away from itself. Tile roofs are known for their ability to reflect heat rather than absorbing and holding it. This helps maintain a comfortable internal temperature.

Individual tile installation: Unlike many other types of roofs installed in an overlapping sheet style, tile roofs are installed individually. The installation style allows for more natural ventilation. The airspace creates a thermal barrier between the tiles and the roof deck, minimizing the heat that escapes into the house.

Solar reflectance: Solar reflectance is a material’s ability to reflect direct sun rays. A material’s solar reflectance is primarily dependent on its color. A light-colored material will have higher solar reflectance than a dark-colored material, as dark colors tend to absorb the sun’s rays. A light-colored roof will better reflect the sun’s rays during the day, helping keep your house cool.

Some Other Benefits of Tile Roofs
The benefits of tile roofs go beyond superior energy efficiency. Here are some other advantages of tile roofs that you should consider.

Tax benefits: Studies have found that tile roofs can reduce heat flow into the attic by 70 percent compared to asphalt shingle roofs. The federal government offers tax breaks to homeowners who switch to energy-efficient roofing. If you qualify, you can claim a deduction of up to 30 percent of your installation costs.

Boosts home value: Tile is weather-resistant, helps reduce heating and cooling costs, and costs less to maintain. Adding a new tile roof will absolutely increase the value of your home.

Minimal maintenance: Tile roofs absorb less heat. They are more resistant to heat damage than other roofing materials and require minimal maintenance.

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