For decades, roofs have stayed more or less the same, with little or no advancements in their look or functionality, aside from a few material additions or color. Well, all that is about to change with some amazing advancements that are being made in roofing technology. More and more homeowners are demanding greener options, customization, more natural light, and better quality. As a result, the industry has adapted, and provided advanced roofing technologies to meet the specific needs of homeowners everywhere. Tile roof companies in San Ramon can help you obtain the technology you are looking for the roofing system for your home.

Upcoming Advancements in Roof Technology

Here is a look at some of the latest roofing technologies that companies are bringing into the market.

1. Innovative Shingles and Tiles: Nowadays, there are solar-integrated rooftop shingles manufactured by Dow Chemical. They not only look like shingles, but are also sleek, so your roof will not have clunky slats. These plastic-coated Powerhouse shingles have the ability to convert 13% of energy from the sun into electricity. There are also power tiles called Sole Power Tiles from SRS Energy. These help you save money and are great for roofing contractors as they are easy to install. Sweden-based SolTech Energy has created Glass Solar Heat shingles which are stunning glass tiles that capture heat from the sun and use it to warm the air beneath. That warm air is then used to warm the house in winter, and heat water. SunTegra’s Solar Roof Systems is a new technology for roofs which unlike most shingles, is actually part of the roof, and does not just sit on top of it.

2. Drone Technology: This is designed for roofing businesses. As you know, drones are all the rage across the globe, and have become a popular toy for people of all ages. However, their role as a tool for roofers is just starting to emerge. There are drones with 4K cameras that allow contractors to take detailed pictures of problem areas and identify safety hazards without the need for an inspector to climb onto your roof. Drone technology helps in reducing risk immediately before a job begins. You can see the images to visually understand exactly which spots of your roof require repairs.

With lines of innovative and technologically advanced shingles and tiles available on the market, you can make the most of your roof, and reduce your energy costs dramatically. To get the best roof for your home, hire Roof Tile Custom Specialists, Inc. – one of the best tile roof companies in San Ramon. Call (925) 634-8700 today.