Your roof plays an important role in protecting your home from the elements and helping maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Like everything else, your roof isn’t going to last forever and will need to be replaced eventually. You can’t stop the inevitable, but can make sure that your roof lasts longer.

Follow these tips from an Antioch tile roof repair company to extend the life of your roof.

Repair Broken Tiles

Visually inspect your tile roof regularly. If you notice any damaged tiles, repair them immediately to prevent further damage to the roofing system.  If not repaired in a timely fashion, damaged tiles can allow water to penetrate the layers of your roof, resulting in water spots and leakages.

Broken roof tiles can attract mice, rats, and other pests that can damage roof materials by gnawing through them. Water leaking through your tile roof can easily make its way into your walls, causing serious structural damage. The longer you ignore broken tiles, the more damage will occur and the costlier your repair bill.

Clean Your Roof Regularly

An unclean roof is an eyesore and is susceptible to damage. Accumulated dirt and debris can cause moisture retention that can damage your roofing shingles and tiles. To prevent premature deterioration, clean your roof at least once a year. Start by removing debris such as dead leaves and branches by a leaf blower or broom.

Once you have removed debris, spray your roof with plain water to dislodge any remaining dirt or debris. If you intend to use a pressure washer, ensure it is set to a low psi as high-water pressure can damage tiles. Keep the tip of the nozzle 12-24 inches away from the surface of your tiles. Start at the top of your roof and spray down towards your gutters while focusing on one section at a time.

Overgrown branches can rub against your roof, damaging tiles. Trim any tree branches hanging over your roof, especially the old and weak ones that can fall on your roof during a storm.

Be Careful When Walking on Your Tile Roof

Walking improperly on your tile roof can increase pressure on your tiles and they may become damaged. When walking on your tile roof, step along the bottom 3 inches of the tiles. Make sure your feet are parallel to the ridge of your roof and along the bottom edge of the tiles. Walk on the balls of your feet and distribute your weight evenly to reduce pressure on your tiles. Avoid walking along the delicate edges of your tiles.

Improve Attic Ventilation

Poor attic ventilation is a common cause of premature roof failure. If the warm air in your attic does not have anywhere to go, attic temperature can increase significantly, speeding up the deterioration of your shingles and underlayment. To improve attic ventilation, add roof vents to your attic. If your soffit vents are damaged, replace them.

When paired with roof vents, soffit vents allow air to flow into, up and out of the attic. If roof and soffit vents do not improve attic ventilation as much as you expected, install gable vents with controllable openings to drive air out of the attic. Place the gable vents at the gable ends of your roof.

Take Care of Your Gutters

Your roof gutters are designed to direct water away from your foundation. Damaged or clogged gutters are unable to serve their purpose. They cause water to build up and sit on the roof, damaging it. To clean your gutters, first scoop debris such as leaves and branches out of them with a gutter trowel. Using a garden hose, flush your gutters with water.

Make sure your roofing contractor inspects and maintains your gutters when performing tile roof repair in Antioch.

What Does Gutter Inspection and Maintenance Include?

During gutter inspection and maintenance, roofing contractors

  • Visually inspect gutter sections
  • Check the gutters for holes and cracks and gutter aprons for gaps
  • Remove debris from the gutters and downspouts
  • Seal leaks, holes or gaps in the gutters with gutter seal
  • Install gutter guards to keep debris from getting into the gutters
  • Install downspout extensions

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Have your roofing contractor inspect and maintain your tile roof twice a year. Professional maintenance addresses current problems and prevents potential roofing issues saving you money on costly repairs and headaches down the road. Well maintained roofs last longer than the ones that are maintained once in a while.

During roof maintenance your roofing contractor

  • Cleans your roof and gutters
  • Looks for loose nails, bolts and any loose, missing or damaged tiles
  • Inspects your attic and ceiling for leaks
  • Checks the surface of your roof for signs of damage such as blistering, scratching, abrasions and holes in the membrane
  • Checks exterior structural components including skylight, vents, chimney for signs of aging such as peeling paint, rust and rot

It is also important that you visually inspect your roof regularly between professional maintenance sessions. Address any problems that you notice during inspections immediately.

Whether you want to install a new roof or maintain an existing one, Roof Tile Custom Specialists has got you covered. With decades of experience serving Antioch and the surrounding areas, our technicians treat the root causes of roof problems, rather than just their symptoms. To learn more, call (925) 634-8700.