There are many benefits of tile roofing. Tile roofs are durable, energy efficient, and last longer than many other popular roofing materials. Like all other types of roofing systems, tile roofs need regular maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures better performance. Here are some simple yet effective roof maintenance tips.

Use a High-Quality Top Flashing

A high-quality top flashing will enhance the aesthetics of your property and protect the interior from the elements. It will help prevent underlayment decay and leaks by channeling water away from leak-prone areas.

A top flashing is designed to bridge gaps at openings and walls. You can add a top flashing to your roof during or after installation. It can be painted to match the exterior of your home.

Repair Broken Tiles

From improper foot traffic to direct impact from falling branches, there are multiple reasons why tiles break. Damaged tiles should be replaced or repaired immediately to prevent exposure to rain and sun.

Some signs your tiles are damaged include water leaking under them, interior water damage, and unsightly stains (from leaks).

Here are some tips to extend the life of tiles:

1. Make sure your roof is not missing top flashing

2. Use a reputable tile roof company in Walnut Creek for installation, repairs, replacement, and maintenance

3. Keep the roof clean at all times

Stay On Top of Maintenance

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular roof maintenance. Many manufacturers require regular maintenance to maintain warranty coverage. Regular maintenance gives your roofing contractor opportunities to look for and nip roofing issues in the bud.

During a maintenance session, your roofing contractor will:

1. Look for signs of water damage

2. Remove accumulated dirt and debris from the roof. If not removed on time, debris and dirt can clog drains and cause the surface to rot prematurely

3. Check the surface for fungus and moss

4. Inspect expansion joints for cuts, tears, and gaps

5. Make sure the flashing is not pulling away from the roof

6. Inspect drains

7. Inspect the surfaces of exterior structural components such as chimneys, skylights, pipes, and vents for cleanliness, structural damage, and signs of ageing

Clean Your Tiles Regularly

There are many benefits of cleaning your roof regularly. A clean roof will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. Regular cleaning can extend the service life of your roof. When a roof is cleaned regularly and kept in good repair, it is less likely to develop major problems.

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